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Located in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, Charlotte Industries originated in 1982 as a supplier of manufactured components and assemblies for the defense industries.  This included both aircraft and missile guidance systems along with sonar and ballast valve assemblies for military submarines.

With reductions in the defense budget, we at Charlotte Industries expanded our customer base to include the commercial manufacturing industry.  We offer both technical and emergency repair services to support your maintenance departments, and the ability to reduce equipment repair cost and downtime by replacing costly Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) repair components.

Charlotte Industries offers a professional production environment, which accommodates the manufacturing of replacement components along with the technology to produce complex assemblies requiring multiple processes.   As previously mentioned, our machine shop specializes in reverse engineering of OEM replacement parts.  This includes drawing a print with quote, suggestions on eliminating wear areas or other problems with the part, and supplying a sample piece to our customers.  Same day turnaround and emergency maintenance are also available on-call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

Our machine shop employees pride themselves on quality work, innovative solutions to difficult design problems and competitive pricing plans.  We work closely with our customers’ engineering departments to develop processes that improve both quality and production processes.  Charlotte Industries employees have quality experience with large projects that require the integration of multiple technologies and materials. 

Charlotte Industries is an experienced, family-run business, which focuses on ingenuity and customer satisfaction, and we are willing go the extra mile for you.

Regular Shop Hours: Mon. - Fri.  7 AM - 4:30 PM

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